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??? ?? Fujian Feitong Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in May 2000. Feitong is a high-tech enterprise specializing in marine communication and navigation equipment, GMDSS Series Productss, ship positioning, emergency communications, marine information technology, which integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and operation services. Feitong’s products are applied to maritime, fishery, maritime police, warships, official ships and other ships. The company completed its restructuring in April 2016. Its headquarters is located in Feitong Science and Technology Building, Electronic Information Park, Shishi Hi-tech Development Zone, Fujian Province. And the Military Products Department is located in Chaosen Building factory area on the north side of Xinyi Development Zone, Yongning, Shishi City. The company has two subsidiaries, including the wholly-owned subsidiary (Shanghai R&D headquarters), "Haotong (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd." located in Shanghai Songjiang Science and Technology Park, and the holding company "Nanjing Junlu Technology Co., Ltd." located in Jiangning District, Nanjing, Creative Intelligence Industrial Park. The company has set up four market management departments in China (Shandong Yantai, Zhejiang Zhoushan, Guangdong Zhuhai, Shanghai), besides, it has set up overseas business departments in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and has set up more than 250 after-sales service outlets in coastal ports.
??? ?? The company has a professional R&D team engaged in marine communication navigation and GMDSS Series Products technology, including a group of senior personnel who have been engaged in radio frequency communication hardware, software, digital signal processing and microwave communication for a long time. They have rich working experience, strong quality awareness, confidentiality awareness, rigorous and pragmatic work style. Through unremitting efforts in recent years and the support and recognition of governments at all levels and social colleagues, the company has become a well-known equipment and system integration manufacturer with strong economic strength, perfect R&D, production and service system, good ecological environment, outstanding quality service and flexible system.
??? ?? Feitong has complete production qualification. It is a Digital Radio Series Products Civil Branch Service Operating Unit, National High-tech Enterprise, International Maritime Satellite and China Classification Society (CCS) accreditation unit, Fujian Marine Industry Leading Enterprise, Fujian Innovative Enterprise, etc.
??? ?? Today's Feitong will follow the policy steps of the Party and the government, do a solid job in its own industrial work, realize the steady development from product manufacturers to system integration solution providers and ocean big data information service providers, and contribute to the development of China's ocean industry.
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